A ScaleFunder Family Thanksgiving

Life at ScaleFunder moves a million miles a minute. It’s been a year of immense growth for our team and our incredible partners. So when I stopped folks in the office to ask, “what are you thankful for?” the immediate reaction was…coffee.

While that is (only kind of) a joke, one theme surfaced in every answer – family. Parents, spouses, siblings, children are driving forces for everyone here. But my favorite part of this team is that family extends beyond the typical definition in two very special ways.

The first is the family behind the ScaleFunder platform. There is a palpable gratitude for the opportunity to be part of a team that thinks forward, learns from each other, and truly cares about the non-profit fundraising world. Team members from each area of the company spoke of thankfulness to come to an exciting work place and really believe in the mission of the company.

But the resounding answer was for the greater ScaleFunder family – our clients and partners. The new college sports teams we get to root for, the scholarships started, the incredible impact that your students and research have on the world. To partner with all of you making a positive difference in the world makes us thankful every day. Thank you for letting us into your family and for expanding ours.

Happy Thanksgiving, ScaleFunder family.


Rosa Conrad is the Senior Client Solutions Consultant at ScaleFunder, leading the team that empowers each partner with digital fundraising strategy, training, and management.