Energizing Donors with Matches and Challenges – UT Austin

Giving Days infuse energy into your donor base and pour dollars back to your institution. But how do you spark that activity and excitement? Put more money on the table.

UT Austin took that to heart with their variety of matches and challenges in their third 40 for 40 Giving Campaign. Spanning 40 hours, 10+ matches and challenges created constant activity and excitement around the campaign

Thinking about matches and challenges for your next campaign? Take a look at 3 tactics the 40 for 40 campaign took to boost donor and dollar participation!

Power Hours

Your gift – to any program – matched dollar for dollar. The catch? You only have sixty minutes.

Utilize a time constraint to create a heightened sense of urgency for your donors through hour long matches or challenges. Consider the hour you place these types of challenges. Pair your open rate data and social media traffic data with an early point in the day to create success early.
During UT Austin’s 40 for 40 campaign, a $10,000 match during the 12-1 pm power hour on Day 1 brought in $49,102!

ut austin power hour

Milestone Matches 

Lucky number 1000! Then 2000! Then 3000! Based on previous donor counts from their first two Giving Days, UT Austin designated $500, then $1,000, and then $1,500 for the 1,000th, 2,000th, and 3,000th donors, respectively. By putting new money on the table for the person who makes that milestone gift, you spur activity of donors trying to capture that extra money for the cause they are passionate about. The 2000th milestone gift spurred 33 gifts in a matter of 15 minutes, all trying to grab that extra $1,000.

Giving Challenges

$5,000 extra to the department that can cultivate the most donors in one hour. Go!

If you’re looking to enhance donor participation, these giving challenges are for you. By designating a prize, your departments and programs have more incentive to mobilize their donors to give to the campaign. Through real-time leaderboards, you can easily track progress and energize your donor base to come out on top! UT Austin’s Butler School of Music took these challenges to heart, cultivating 108 gifts to win the 3 participation based Giving Challenges, making up 36% of their overall gifts for the campaign.

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