Giving Day Results: February Update

Since the start of the year, we’ve been watching the great giving day results of our campus partners using RNL Giving Day. As we shared last year in our report examining more than $35M in … Read more

You’re Invited! …to Our Digital Conference

Hello ScaleFunder blog readers. I want to take a quick moment of your time to alert you to our upcoming “Digital Philanthropy and Millennial Engagement Conference” taking place in Atlanta over October 13 and 14. And … Read more

Online Ambassadors Drive Alpha Delta Pi Giving Day

We’ve known for years that online ambassadors are an essential component to expanding your fundraising message. During online giving days, for example, we’ve discovered that, on average, when ambassadors are involved in the messaging roughly … Read more

The Ambassador Roadmap

Did you miss some of Justin’s 4-part series on how to build an ambassador program?  Do you want to read it but don’t have the time?  Well – great news!  We created this easy to read infographic … Read more

Building a 4-stage Online Ambassador Program — Stage 4: Stewardship

This is the fourth installment in a four-part series. To read from the beginning with “Stage 1: Identification” click here. Or head over to the ScaleFunder blog to read all the posts and much more. … Read more