You’re Invited! …to Our Digital Conference

Hello ScaleFunder blog readers. I want to take a quick moment of your time to alert you to our upcoming “Digital Philanthropy and Millennial Engagement Conference” taking place in Atlanta over October 13 and 14. And … Read more

10 Habits that Define Crowdfunding Success in Higher Education

By Nora Pittmann Launch UMD, the University of Maryland, College Park’s crowdfunding platform, started in April 2014 with a round of five pilot projects. In May 2014 I was hired to build the program into … Read more

Congrats Grad!

It’s graduation season and higher education is gaining more alumni every weekend. It’s not news that this new group of alumni face larger financial burdens than ever before, but 73% of millennial alumni say they … Read more

Big Things Ahead – ScaleFunder Blog!

As we await the upcoming new year, we are excited to share a new facet of ScaleFunder – our blog! Beginning in January 2015, the ScaleFunder staff will publish monthly blog posts to our website. … Read more