You’re Invited! …to Our Digital Conference

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Giving Days Done Right with Major Donors – UCSB

When asked “which giving day do you think had the best planning and preparation?” the University of California Santa Barbara is always at the top of my short list of examples. From the theme, to … Read more

Building a 4-stage Online Ambassador Program — Stage 3: Deployment

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Building a 4-stage Online Ambassador Program — Stage 2: Engagement

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Last Minute Tactics for #GivingTuesday

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The Medium’s Message: How Video Compels Action

Doug Hattaway, president of public relations firm, Hattaway Communications wrote in the Huffington Post that, “stories must be strategically designed to motivate and mobilize people. And the content of strategic stories must be compelling, in … Read more

Millennials and Multimedia: Fundraising in the Digital Age

THE SHIFT We are on the dawn of a major shift in the fundraising industry. As the loyal donor base of the baby boomer generation continues to decline, the millennial generation is steadily coming to … Read more