Giving Day Results: February Update

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High Conversion Drives Digital Giving Day Success

Giving Days have really taken the fundraising industry by storm and as we get closer to this year’s #GivingTuesday, we’re getting questions about what makes up the best online days of giving. One key thing … Read more

You’re Invited! …to Our Digital Conference

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Online Ambassadors Drive Alpha Delta Pi Giving Day

We’ve known for years that online ambassadors are an essential component to expanding your fundraising message. During online giving days, for example, we’ve discovered that, on average, when ambassadors are involved in the messaging roughly … Read more

Hyper Targeting Donors for Online Giving Days – UCSC

Demonstrating specific impact is quickly becoming known as a surefire tactic for engaging donors on a grassroots level and encouraging more giving – especially online. This tactic is one reason why crowdfunding has become so … Read more

Energizing Donors with Matches and Challenges – UT Austin

Giving Days infuse energy into your donor base and pour dollars back to your institution. But how do you spark that activity and excitement? Put more money on the table. UT Austin took that to heart with … Read more

Giving Days Done Right with Major Donors – UCSB

When asked “which giving day do you think had the best planning and preparation?” the University of California Santa Barbara is always at the top of my short list of examples. From the theme, to … Read more

What We Learned From Three Major Giving Days

Giving Days are like snowflakes: no two are the same. Every institution has its own set of priorities, its own fundraising strategies, and most importantly, its own unique donor community. In applying strategies related to … Read more

The Ambassador Roadmap

Did you miss some of Justin’s 4-part series on how to build an ambassador program?  Do you want to read it but don’t have the time?  Well – great news!  We created this easy to read infographic … Read more

Building a 4-stage Online Ambassador Program — Stage 4: Stewardship

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