Online Ambassadors Drive Alpha Delta Pi Giving Day

We’ve known for years that online ambassadors are an essential component to expanding your fundraising message. During online giving days, for example, we’ve discovered that, on average, when ambassadors are involved in the messaging roughly 40 percent of the participating donors are new (either first time or long lapsed givers).

Online ambassadors lead to new donors. But recent giving days show they also lead to a larger average gift.
Online ambassadors lead to new donors. But recent giving days show they also lead to a larger average gift.

Now we have the direct evidence that ambassadors can drive enormous fundraising totals beyond just the new donors they help acquire during digital fundraising events. During the July 13 Alpha Delta Pi Foundation giving day, a robust and enthusiastic group of 153 online ambassadors produced the following results:

  • $78,706.27 from 837 gifts that were directly linked to ambassadors sharing content through the ScaleFunder Giving Day module.
  • Multiple large gifts coming directly as a result of ambassadors sharing links. One ambassador’s average gift was $2,150. Several ambassadors had average gifts amounts well above $300.
  • The average gift through ambassadors was higher ($94.03) than the overall average gift ($91.92).
  • The ambassador group included many high level supporters, including board members. This provided a new, meaningful, and exciting volunteer opportunity for some of ADPi’s most prominent supporters.

Dedicate resources to build a wildly effective online ambassador program

As is often the case, the ADPi Foundation giving day didn’t accidentally fall into a successful online ambassador program. The team behind their giving day was very deliberate in engaging a large and influential group of ambassadors. Their tactics included:

  • Consistent email outreach coupled with person-to-person engagement of potential ambassadors.
  • A carefully orchestrated orientation webinar that was immediately followed by an invitation to create personal ambassador dashboards on the ScaleFunder platform.
  • Frequent, inspiring email contact throughout the giving day to encourage ambassadors to share news of the giving day event with their networks.

Good digital fundraising requires an investment. As the ADPi Foundation demonstrated with their giving day, investments in technology plus strategy can make a giving day go viral and see fundraising numbers spike when that investment is targeted toward online ambassadors.

The ScaleFunder Giving Day module includes an online ambassador toolset that activates your biggest advocates while also tracking to the dollar their true fundraising ROI. To learn more about the Giving Day module, email as at