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Third-Party crowdfunding and online peer to peer fundraising websites are radically changing how people engage with causes. How will your organization react?
Until now, no fully integrated solution existed for non-profit institutions. Using third party sites played havoc with your business practices and IT systems. As fundraising and technology experts from major non-profits and top-tier universities, we created the ScaleFunder Engine to meet your organization's robust needs:

Seamless Brand Integration


Integration with Payment Processing and CRM Solutions


Maximum Data Capture

Subscription Model


The ScaleFunder Engine


Custom Branded Platform:

Our powerful technology provides a match to your non-profit's online look and feel with multiple points of customization. Your platform will fit seamlessly into your online ecosystem.

Brings Transparency to Giving:

Supporters can follow project updates and see the impact of their gift.

Showcase Projects and People:

We help put a human face on the philanthropic endeavor by dynamically showcasing projects and people affected by a donors gift.

Social Sharing:

See the effect of social activity on your fundraising efforts. We track the influence of individuals who share on Facebook and Twitter.

Tiered Giving Impact Levels:

Donors are shown how their gifts at each level directly impact the project. Additionally, non-profits have the ability to issue perks at different donation levels. If you choose to use perks, don't worry. Our team can help with your fulfillment needs.

Payment Integration:

Unlike other third party services, we integrate with your payment processing system to deliver funds within your existing business process framework.

Seamless Brand Integration


The ScaleFunder Engine lives on your web domain, and is virtually indistinguishable from your current branding and website. This is by design. A large amount of effort, tradition, and resources went into creating your brand, and leaving it in the hands of a third-party website is not an option. Our elegant content control panel ensures that only projects which reflect the mission of your institution are showcased.


Don’t suffer from your brand being misused and inappropriate projects on third-party sites. ScaleFunder puts the control back in the your hands, ensuring that your institutional look and feel are conveyed appropriately.


Integration with your Payment Processing and CRM Solutions


Since many non-profits already have a secure payment processing solution and CRM, it is less than ideal to add another platform into this ecosystem. Instead, the ScaleFunder Engine integrates with existing software from most major providers, allowing the seamless transfer of payments and updates to your CRM. Now development officers can stay up-to-date on donor activity.

We currently integrate with the leading payment processing systems and specialize in custom solutions. Ask us about how we can support your implementation.


Nearly all crowdfunding solutions are based on taking a percentage of a transaction, sometimes as high as 15%. Even worse, some providers charge a per project fee, making annual budgeting projections nearly impossible. These rates are untenable for institutions which must report what percentage of the donation goes to the project. The ScaleFunder solution is instead sold as a SAAS platform (Software-As-A-Service) for a fixed fee. This allows your institution to harness the full power of our technology, and provides increasing value as more projects are added to the system.


Come Meet ScaleFunder

With ScaleFunder, your internal stakeholders gain financial support for scholarships, research, or myriad other endeavors, all while your members, friends, and fans see the impact of their philanthropy and connect with your institution. We would love to invite you to a personal demo of the ScaleFunder Platform. Contact us to learn how we have helped other clients and see how easy it can be to engage your donor base like never before.